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Staying Warm in Frigid Temps

Thermometer sitting in snow

The coldest air of the season is here with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero, Armstrong Comfort Solutions has some useful tips to help keep you warm. Instead of just turning up your thermostat, these suggestions can help you save money on your energy bills!

Some tips to help stay warm indoors when the temperature is extremely cold:

  1. Dress in layers. This is good advice not only when you are outdoors but indoors as well!
    1. Don’t turn up your thermostat, put on some extra clothing. Long underwear, sweaters, and even a hat.
    2. Wearing "wicking" polyester shirt will keep you warm and dry!
    3. Warm socks are a must to help you stay comfortable and cozy.
  2. Heat up your bed.
    1. Use a SAFE electric blanket that turns itself off after specific amount of time or try a large heating pad that has an automatic turn off.
    2. Fill a hot water bottle and slip it into a fleece cover and put it between the sheets, at the foot of your bed while you sleep. This will keep your feet warm most of the night!
  3. Block drafts in your home.
    1. Doors that don’t have a tight seal can allow cold air to come in. Put something at the bottom of outside doors. You can buy a special roll made to place at the bottom of doors or just use a blanket or even a towel.
    2. Some people recommend hanging a blanket over the entire door – cold air doesn’t just come in at the bottom of the door!
    3. Just like layers of clothes keep you warm, put layers at the windows. Close your window blinds and hang a flannel-backed tablecloth to block any cold air that may be entering your home.
  4. Get moving!
    1. Stay active! Clean out a closet, basement, or kitchen cupboard. Keeping your body moving will help keep you warm!
    2. Moving around your house will not only help keep you warm but it stirs up the warm air in the house.
    3. Plain old exercise will do the trick! Do some jumping jacks, walk up and down the stairs or just march in place to get your blood flowing and warm you up!
  5. Humidify your home!
    1. If you are turning up the thermostat, this will cause the humidity to drop. The increase in temperature doesn’t remove moisture from the house, it increases the amount of moisture needed to stay at a consistent relative humidity.
    2. Low humidity has more evaporative cooling and more moisture leaves your body which cools you off in the process. It’s also damaging to your skin and hair.
  6. Don’t heat your home when you don’t need too!
    1. Turn your thermostat down 8-10 degrees when you go to bed or when you are away at work will help reduce your heating costs. (Don’t turn your heat below 52 degrees – you don’t want your pipes to freeze)
    2. Use a programable thermostat that you can schedule to turn your heat on ½ hour before you wake up and ½ hour before you get home from work, so you don’t wake up or come home to a cold house.
    3. There are various models of programable thermostats that not only adjust heat and cooling but automatically can adjust the humidity levels in your home to always keep you comfortable!

If you have any interest in learning more about humidifying your home or programable thermostats, give Armstrong Comfort Solutions a call at (833) 789-9100 or go online to book a consultation at

Stay warm and safe during this extremely cold weather and remember, Armstrong Comfort Solutions is always here if you need us – 24/7!