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Backflow Testing

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Backflow testing is a process used to ensure the proper functioning of backflow prevention devices in plumbing systems. Backflow occurs when the flow of water in a plumbing system is reversed, allowing contaminants or pollutants to enter the drinking water supply. Backflow can happen at any cross-connection.

Municipal codes require annual testing of backflow prevention devices to ensure that they are functioning properly. A safety device can be installed to prevent backflow from occurring by stopping possible contaminated water from entering the clean water supply. This device must be installed properly and tested to ensure that cross contamination cannot occur. This must be done by an ASSE Backflow Assembly Tester. Failure to complete annual testing could result in the water authority turning your water off. Let the plumbing professionals at Armstrong Comfort Solutions install the backflow device and conduct the annual testing needed to keep your water clean and safe and keep business compliant with the authorities.

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