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Pinhole Leaks

Water leaking from pinholes in copper pipe

"Pinhole Leaks" can occur in copper pipes due to wear-and-tear over the years. While there is no such thing as a "minor leak" in the plumbing world, pinhole leaks cause dampness and damage over a longer period of time, due to the fact that they are harder to spot.

The main cause of a Pinhole Leak is something called Formicary Erosion. While there is no exact known cause of Formicary Erosion, one primary theory is that certain gases within residential homes cause the copper in the piping to break down over time.

The first sign of a pinhole leak will be spots of discoloration of walls and ceilings. Mold or mildew appearing in odd places is another sure sign of a pinhole leak. Pinhole leaks can also occur in the copper coils of an air conditioning unit. Oftentimes, a leaky AC system is a sign that the other copper pipes in your home are in need of repair.

Backflow can also be prevented using an air gap. An air gap means leaving an empty space between any place where water might collect and the implements that connect to your plumbing system, like valves and faucets.

If you’re finding water in spots it’s not supposed to be, or you’re spotting strange mold and mildew, call our expert plumbers IMMEDIATELY. Small warning signs can often mean bigger problems are on the horizon. The expert plumbers at Armstrong Comfort Solutions can assess any damage or leaky pipes and correct the issue before it becomes something major.