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Your bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms are the some of the most important rooms in your house. These rooms are functional and are typically piped with water lines, sewer lines, multiple drains and electricity. Additionally, most of your home’s service appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, deep freezers, garbage disposals, water heaters, ice makers, sinks, toilets, sink faucets, showers, and bathtubs all are within these rooms. Sounds like a lot? It sure is. Now, imagine when a plumbing emergency strikes, how this could impact your home, work, and family.

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Finding quality plumbers in the Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding areas is critical to your home’s comfort and normal operation. Inexperienced (or unlicensed plumbers) and handymen may offer temporary relief of a problem. Oftentimes a handyman may only correct the symptom of your plumbing problem and may ignore the source of the plumbing problem itself. If the source of the plumbing issue is not not addressed, a much larger problem can easily develop and become a critical emergency for you and your family. It’s best to choose experienced and licensed plumbers for all of your home’s plumbing repairs.

Our Greater Pittsburgh plumbers are all licensed and complete continuing plumber education every year to ensure you and your home gets superior plumbing service from knowledgeable plumbers and installation experts. Also, we take pride in ensuring that all of our Greater Pittsburgh plumbers are licensed and certified – a distinction that sets us apart from the competition. We take expert care of your property and treat it as if it were our own. Best of all our plumbing repairs are certified and come backed with a rock solid 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

When you need emergency plumbing repairs, call Armstrong Comfort Solutions for all of your plumbing repairs and plumbing emergencies!

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Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen Plumbing Repairs

The three top locations for plumbing in your home is in its bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms. Each of these rooms can have multiple water pipes and drains. Occasionally, every homeowner experiences a clogged drain, clogged toilet or other plumbing emergency. Each of these plumbing problems should be reviewed by a licensed plumber to ensure that you and your home are getting the best possible care.

A plumbing problem in any one of these rooms can quickly grow from an inconvenience to a much larger problem. A plumbing emergency can cost you time off of work and expensive repairs to other parts of your home – not to mention the headache of being unable to wash dishes, do laundry, or shower! Leaks in your home’s plumbing may be allowing water to incrementally build up within your home’s walls. Over time, this uncontrolled wetness and dampness can lead to serious mold problems within your home.

If you are experiencing a problem it’s important to have a licensed and experienced plumber review your home’s plumbing before that drip turns into a much larger problem. All of our plumbers are experienced and knowledgeable, no matter the size of your plumbing problem – we have fixed it.

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At Armstrong Comfort Solutions we strive to be the best plumbers in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Our team of skilled, licensed plumbers who have over 60 years of expertise in the plumbing industry. We are here to help you with all of your plumbing emergencies and plumbing maintenance needs. Our plumbers arrive equipped to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call and you’ll find that our certified technicians have simple, convenient, prompt, and affordable solutions to all of your plumbing emergencies.

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