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In most modern homes boilers and radiators aren’t installed often. However, in a lot of homes in the Greater Pittsburgh region, and surrounding areas, have older residences that still utilize steam heating (home boiler) systems and radiators. Sometimes home boiler systems are installed to facilitate baseboard heating and localizing heating to particular rooms or, in some cases, floors of your home or business. Maintained boiler systems have an excellent reputation for reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Benefits of a Home Boiler Systems & Steam Heating

  • Home boiler systems have few moving parts which leaves less problems with maintenance
  • Boiler systems provide clean, dust-free heating to your home. Dust-free heating is very helpful to homeowners or family members who have sensitives to allergen that can be circulated by traditional forced air furnaces
  • Steam heating can be very energy efficient which can save on overall home heating costs

How Does A Home Boiler System Work?

Boiler systems work by boiling water and forcing the steam produced through pipes to radiators or convectors which then radiate the heat into the living space. As the steam cools it condenses back into liquid water and is returned to the boiler to be heated again. Similar to hot water systems, home boiler systems can use electricity, natural gas, and, in some applications, oil to heat the water and create the steam which heats the living spaces.

Boiler System Repair & Boiler Maintenance

Boiler heating systems may have less moving parts, however we recommend that there is annual maintenance on your system to ensure the system remains efficient and problem-free. Our team of home heating experts are available year round to perform the necessary tune ups that ensure your boiler system remains functional. We typically recommend this maintenance to be completed in the early fall (September/October). By doing so, you can rest assured your home heating will be functional and operating, problem-free throughout the winter months where you system sees the most use. Additionally, an annual tune up typically finds parts of the system which may be wearing down or needing replacement. Small adjustments to boiler system can reduce the cost of operation – even a small change to the system’s performance can result in hundreds of dollars in savings. We recommend a comprehensive tune up annually on each boiler system we maintain or install.

Our Energy Maintenance Agreements (EMA) are an excellent way to ensure your home boiler system is kept functional year-after-year. If you’d like more information on how to sign up for our EMA click the button below:

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