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Because of the changing climate throughout Sewickley, PA – known for its mild summers and much harsher winters – residents and businesses rely on the expertise of Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC for all their plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs.

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Hiring an experienced plumber and HVAC expert is critical when it comes to your home – that’s why McDonald backs all of our plumbing and HVAC services with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! Our team of certified and licensed plumbers and HVAC contractors has been servicing the Greater Pittsburgh area for over 60 years now, giving us the experience and knowledge we need to get the job done right the first time.

Our expert plumbers use the most sophisticated technology and equipment to service clogged drains, sewage backups, repair gas lines, install toilets, or any other plumbing emergencies that you may have. Additionally, we repair and install both tankless hot water heaters and traditional hot water heaters. Our NATE-certified technicians have simple, convenient, prompt, and affordable solutions to all of your plumbing problems.

Air Conditioning Repair in Sewickley, PA

The weather in Sewickley, PA varies – going from the hot summer months to the frigid temperatures in the winter. The fluctuating climate means that both residents and commercial businesses rely on the experts at Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC for their cooling needs.

Our licensed and experienced plumbers and HVAC contractors at Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC perform all the services you need for your home. For the hot temperatures in the Western PA summers, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians repair existing AC systems in your home and install brand-new ductless air conditioning and central air conditioning units to keep you and your family cool in the Sewickley, PA summer heat. In addition, we consistently check and service air conditioning units to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently.

If you’re looking for an air conditioning repair or AC installation near you for the hot summer months in Sewickley, PA – Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC has you covered. Besides offering you quality installations of new AC systems and trustworthy AC repairs, our company offers all our customers an Energy Maintenance Agreement (EMA) to avoid future problems and keep their system running as efficiently as possibly.

Furnace Repair in Sewickley, PA

Throughout the long, frigid winter months in Sewickley, PA, Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC installs new furnaces and repairs your existing furnace to keep you and your family warm and protected from the frigid temperatures. We service all of your HVAC and heating system needs when it comes to the challenges Western Pennsylvania’s winters have to offer. If you need a furnace repair, a new ductless heating system installation, radiant floor heating, or more – make the right choice and call Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC!

We tackle all major and minor heating problems - from in-floor radiant heating to home boiler systems. Our licensed and trusted HVAC contractors receive consistent training to ensure that we stay on top of all the equipment and strategies out there to service your heating needs.

Population of Sewickley, PA

The population in Sewickley is around 65,000 people, which allows for some close knit communities, and the ability to see many friendly faces around town. The demographic is mostly Caucasian, with only about 10% being of another race. Families are prevalent in Sewickley, accounting for over 60% of the total population. This makes Sewickley a great choice for couples with children. There is a wide range of incomes in the town, but the median income comes in at about $100,000.

With so many families that inhabit Sewickley, there are many choices in schools for parents to send their kids to. The public school system for Sewickley, the Quaker Valley School District, is one of the highest ranked school systems in the entire nation. One year it was even rated in the top 2% of schools in the country. It has a very innovative technology grant that was given only to this school district back in 2000. However, if parents were looking for a private school for their children there are options for that as well. Eden Christian Academy and St. James Catholic School are two choices that are religion-based schools. The city also boasts a private academy, Sewickley Academy, as well as a montessori school. There is no doubt that kids will get a quality education while living in this town.

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History of Sewickley, PA

Sewickley, Pennsylvania is a lovely suburb of Pittsburgh that has a rich history and a wide variety of fun activities for you and your family. While being only twelve miles from Pittsburgh it has a small town feel with many historical buildings and beautiful streets. There are many different school choices and a wide range of people, with some notable figures being born or raised in the town.

Sewickley is a town with a rich history. It was established as a city back in 1853, but there are written mentions that date back into the 1700’s. The name came from the Native American word that means “sweet water”. This could either refer to the Ohio river, which runs through the town, or the maple trees which are found around Sewickley. It was originally inhabited by iron and steel workers who did not want to live in the crowded and smoggy city of Pittsburgh. This gave them an open air, farmhouse style town to live with their families.

Weather in Sewickley, PA

The climate in Sewickley is one of the best features of the area. The summers are more mild, with an average high of around 84°F and about 39 inches of rainfall, which is right there with the national average.

It does tend to get a bit chilly in the winters, with temperatures going down to the 20°F and even dipping further below that. However, Sewickley, PA does get less than the average snowfall in the US. The residents of Sewickley typically see only about 20 inches of snow, compared to the national average of about 26 inches.

The humidity can climb up into the higher range, which can be uncomfortable if your air conditioning repair is not up to date. A working and efficient AC is essential to your comfort during the humid summer months in Sewickley. Luckily, residents count on the experience of Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC for all their cooling needs. The experts at McDonald repair and install air conditioning units as well as maintain current systems to keep them running as efficiently as possible. With Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC, the climate in Sewickley, PA is a great feature of the town.

Things to Do in Sewickley, PA

There are so many activities going on in Sewickley year-round, including fun things to do for your whole family. Every fall they host an Art and Music Festival that is fun for the whole family. Just to name a few of the awesome activities at the festival, you can hear great live music as well as view gorgeous pieces from the local art gallery. Additionally, Sewickley, PA hosts a yearly “Chocolate Walk” which allows participants to try chocolate from local vendors and see who wins the award for the tastiest chocolate!

The town of Sewickley has lots of beautiful parks and playgrounds that are fantastic to take your kids to. One beautiful park is right on the riverfront of the Ohio River, giving you and your family a great way to see the great outdoor areas in Sewickley. In addition, the holiday season is a wonderful time to live in Sewickley! They have hundreds of shops to buy unique gifts in as well as a beautiful display of lights. There are carriage rides throughout the village streets and character breakfasts that are great for the kids with all of their favorites, from Anna and Elsa to superheros!

Famous Residents of Sewickley, PA

Sewickley is very close to Pittsburgh, and has produced some sports legends that have played for some of Pittsburgh’s sports teams. The Pittsburgh Penguins are a well-known and accomplished hockey team in the NHL, and was the home of hockey legend Sidney Crosby, who is from Sewickley. Penguins players Mario Lemieux and Evgeni Malkin are also from the town. Franco Harris, who is a retired NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers now lives in Sewickley along with the Steelers’ quarterback Mike Tomczak. NFL coaches Chuck Noll and Chuck Knox have lived in Sewickley as well. Along with all these sports legends, a famous musician, William Fitzsimmons and a Broadway star, Caitlin Clarke, also hailed from the town.

Sewickley, Pennsylvania is a beautiful town on the Ohio River that has the easy access to the big city of Pittsburgh while providing a quaint escape with historic buildings and open land. It has a key demographic with a large family population. The school system is excellent to cater to all families and there are many events and activities to keep residents entertained throughout the year. With the beautiful weather and scenery, Sewickley, Pennsylvania is a great place to call home.

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Because of the contrast between the warm and cold seasons in the Sewickley, PA, area, residents and businesses rely on local air conditioning repair and maintenance and plumbing services to ensure their homes stay weather-ready year-round.

Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC, serves many homeowners and businesses in and around the Sewickley, PA area, providing all their plumbing, furnace repair, and air conditioning repair, and all home comfort solutions.

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