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Armstrong Comfort Solutions is your single resource for HVAC design, installation and maintenance projects in all types of commercial facilities.

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Design and Build

New plumbing and HVAC systems play a key role in making your commercial space comfortable and energy efficient. Our team has tackled hundreds of successful design and build jobs over the years. With over 60 years of experience in the commercial plumbing and HVAC industry, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate your current plans, recommend a new system configuration and build that system in such a way to maximize performance while, at the same time, providing comfortable temperature-controlled environments.

We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your building’s requirements and the project scope. We’ll accurately address the evolving needs of your facility and engineer a system that is right for you now and is adaptable to the growth of your business.

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  • Do you have an existing HVAC system that may need upgrades?
  • Are you spending more and more on your utility bills each year?
  • Updated building codes forcing you to change up your current system?
  • Was the system in place not properly maintained over the years?

These are all good reasons to give us a call. Our commercial team of HVAC engineers can assist you in retrofitting your current HVAC systems to gain enhanced performance and energy savings.