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10 Reasons To Buy A Ductless Air Conditioner

During the summer months, air conditioning becomes a vital part of everyday life. However, your older air conditioner could be costing you more than it should. Out of date AC units can be inefficient and cost you additional monies in higher utility bills. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your home’s AC system to one of the best options out there, a ductless air conditioner. There are more than a few benefits to upgrading to ductless air conditioning. Here are the top ten reasons to purchase one.

1. Saves You Money on Utility Bills

One of the most common reasons people switch to ductless air conditioners is to help them save on their energy bills. Due to rising utility costs, using an effective system for preventing overcompensation of electricity is vital to avoid being in debt with your power company. ductless air conditioners operate on less power, meaning you will be spending less and less each month you use it. Multi-split ductless AC systems even let homeowners create individual sections of their home that are either heated or cooled.

However, saving on utilities is only the start, those who buy a ductless air conditioner can save on utility rebates or tax credits the year they have it installed. Plus, there are plenty of local, state, and federal programs that help businesses or homeowners benefit from these savings.

2. Ductless Air Conditioners are Easy to Install

Having an ordinary ducted air conditioning system can take up to a month to install and cause delays at usual activities at home or at work. However, ductless air condition systems, on the other hand, can be installed within a day. Installation requires little demolition or intrusion, meaning you will not need to put your life on hold to get a new AC system. Plus, if you opted for a multi-split system, you don’t have to pay to rebuild ceilings or walls around the duct work.

3. Helps Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Since ductless air conditioners are smaller and use less energy, they can help lower your carbon footprint in the surrounding environment. They also follow ENERGY STAR® requirements, meaning that they are more energy efficient and follow guidelines set by the United States government.

Ductless systems also use a refrigerant called R410A, which provides zero harm to the ozone, meaning it has a positive impact on the environment.

4. You Get More Cooling Options

When choosing to go with a ductless air conditioning system, you have control of where you want to put it in your home and how many units you want setup. This will give you ‘zoned temperature control’ for your home, which can help you save money and keep your family happy. Keep the room that you are in cool without worrying about the air escaping to unoccupied rooms.

5. Ductless ACs Provide Versatility

Say hello to year-round savings because with a ductless AC, you have both energy efficient cooling and heating. That’s right, the same machine can be used to both cool and heat your home. One great example of this appliance is the Mitsubishi® A/C units for ductless A/C systems. These useful units completely eliminate the need for outdated and sometimes dangerous gas and steam heating. To purchase one of these systems or any other ductless AC repair needs, contact Armstrong Comfort Solutions

6. Ductless Air Conditioners Improve Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, poor-quality air conditioners can lower the indoor air quality. With HVAC systems, the air ducts must be cleaned constantly, since dust and allergens can build up. Ductless systems, in contrast, have built-in filtration that can remove harmful pollen, allergens, and dust to improve the quality of indoor air.

7. Ductless Air Conditioners Are Compact

A ductless air conditioner system is usually smaller than normal cooling systems. This means they will take up less space in your home or work. Plus, they only need to be mounted, with a power source nearby to work. Once they’re fully installed, you might even forget they’re there.

8. Safer Than Traditional Window AC Units

Ductless air conditioners can offer a lot more security than window air conditioners. You will not need to worry about the unit falling out of your window, leaving you frustrated, angry, sweaty, and exposed to threats. You also do not need to be concerned about criminals stealing the window unit right out of your home. Ductless air conditioning is much safer.

9. Make the Whole Family Happy

If you have an average family, you will each likely have a different ideal temperature for the home. Everybody has their own preference for how hot or cold they think it should be. One person in your home may be perfectly comfortable while another is sweating. This is not an easy problem to fix with an ordinary air conditioner, as it cools down your house to one set temperature. With a ductless air conditioner, you can set a different temperature for each room. Every family member can choose how hot or cold they want their room to be. This can prevent any disagreements that may break out from your family’s discomfort.

10. Quiet Operation

Many of the heating and cooling options available to you can be noisy. These loud units can be annoying and distracting, preventing you from relaxing or working at home. They may also keep you up at night, waking you up frequently every time they turn on or off. Since almost all the parts of a ductless AC is outside, most of the operation and the noises that come with it happen outdoors as well. This means you will not need to listen to it when you are trying to work or sleep. In fact, these air conditioners are often so quiet, you won’t even know it is on until your home is cool.

ductless air conditioning systems are better for your home and office spaces because of their efficient, customizable, and environmentally friendly features. Hopefully, this article could help shine a better light on ductless systems and inspire you to have them installed to replace your home’s older air conditioning system.

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