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Because Cranberry Township’s climate is known for its mild summers and much harsher winters, residents and businesses call on the expertise of Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC for all their plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs.

Air Conditioning Repair in Cranberry Township

Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC offers a full range of air conditioning services. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians repair existing AC systems in your home and install brand-new ductless air conditioning and central air conditioning units to keep you and your family cool in the Cranberry Township summer heat. In addition, we consistently check and service air conditioning units to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently.

If you’re looking for periodic AC clean and check membership programs in Cranberry Township, Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC has you covered. Besides offering you quality installations of new AC systems and trustworthy AC repairs, our company offers all our customers an Energy Maintenance Agreement (EMA) to routinely check air conditioners to keep them running as efficiently as possibly.

Looking for a Plumber in Cranberry Township?

Hiring an experienced and dependable plumber is critical to your home’s comfort, efficiency, and even safety – that’s why McDonald backs all of our plumbing and HVAC services with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Our top-rated plumbers have been servicing the Greater Pittsburgh area for over 60 years now, giving us the experience and knowledge we need to get the job done right the first time.

Our plumbers use the sophisticated technology and equipment to repair leaks, service clogged drains, perform backflow inspection, install gas lines, or answer any other plumbing emergencies that your home or business may have. Additionally, we repair and install hot water heaters and tankless hot water heaters.

Furnace Repair in Cranberry Township

Protect your home from the bitter winters of Cranberry Township with a new heating system with Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC. Our team of NATE-certified techs are experienced in installing new furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, radiant heating, and ductless heating systems alike.

In addition to new installations, our technicians have extensive experience in repairing all makes and models of heating units. No matter what type of home heating system you currently have, Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC is your go-to contractor for the cold winters months. We service all your heating needs when it comes to the challenges Western Pennsylvania’s ice-cold winters has in store for you.

Climate in Cranberry Township

The average high for January is 36° F and the average low is 17° F. The average high for April is 62° F and the average low is 37° F. The average high for July is 83° F and the average low is 60° F. The average high for October is 64° F and the average low is 41° F. The average monthly precipitation is 3.25 inches

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Cranberry Township, PA Demographics & Overview

Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, is located in Butler County and is part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. It was chartered in 1804 and was comprised of 81 square miles. The boundaries were redrawn in 1854, and Cranberry Township was reduced to 25 square miles. Small, unincorporated, census-designated places such as Ogle, Fernway and Fox Run are included in Cranberry Township.

The township was named after the wild cranberries that grew abundantly in the area. However, drought and farming caused the cranberries to disappear by the 1880’s. Cranberry Township was an agricultural area with a few small businesses until the opening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1951 and the opening of I-79 in 1966. Then, industrial parks started developing in the township. The opening of I-279 made it faster to get to Pittsburgh and increased the growth even more.


Among the Native American tribes, the Iroquois, Seneca, and Delaware used the area comprising Cranberry Township for hunting and fishing for centuries. Cranberry Township is located on what used to be the Venango Trail, a Native American trail from the Forks of the Ohio River (now part of Pittsburgh) to Presque Isle. Venango was a Native American village located where French Creek connects with the Allegheny River. It is now Franklin, Pennsylvania. This trail was used by 21-year-old George Washington in 1853 when he went to the French Fort LeBoeuf with a notice from the British Governor of the Virginia Colony for the French to leave the fort. The French refused to leave and that started the seven year French and Indian War in the colonies.

In 1796, Mathew and William Graham were the first European settlers. They received 200 acres of land from the nation’s Depreciation Land program that paid Revolutionary soldiers with land instead of cash. The Grahams were joined by Samuel Duncan, and they started various enterprises such as a tavern, a distillery, a grist mill, and a sawmill. The Grahams also started the Plains Church in 1806. It is now the Plains United Presbyterian Church. Members of the Graham family still live in Cranberry Township.


The population of Cranberry Township, as of 2014, was 30,010 with 96% listed as Caucasians. It is a fast-growing area that is expected to almost double its population by 2030. The community is family-oriented with 44% of the households including children under the age of 18. The median age was 38 in 2014. The median household income was $100,020, and the median per capita income was $43,110. In 2014, there were 10,581 occupied housing units out of a total of 11,099 housing units with 8,864 owner-occupied units and 1,717 renter-occupied units. The median housing value was $254,200.

Students in Cranberry Township attend the Seneca Valley School District. The school district includes four elementary schools, four middle schools, one high school, and the Seneca Valley Academy of Choice cyber school. The Academy of Choice offers a virtual and performing arts education that gives students opportunities to travel and explore career options.

Things to Do in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Cranberry Township Parks and Recreation plans activities for the whole family year round.

The Sample School and Other One-room Schoolhouses in Cranberry Township

Visit the Cranberry Sample One-Room School House and the former sites of other one-room school houses in Cranberry Township. The Sample School was one of six one-room schoolhouses that served Cranberry Township. It was closed in 1951 after a nearby natural gas pipeline explosion. The students were moved to a church and then transferred to the Rowan school when it opened. The Sample School is located in front of the Cranberry Township Municipal Center at 2525 Rochester Road. Hours of operation are from May through September on Wednesdays from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

The six schools served 230 students with four male teachers and two female teachers in 1874. Except for the Johnston School, the schools were timber-framed buildings with glass windows and flatboard siding. The desks and chairs with backrests were made of wood with iron frames and legs. They were secured to the floor and could not be moved. The schools were spread throughout Cranberry Township and, except for Bear Run, were named for the property owner of the land where the schools were built. The schools included the Sample School, the Haine School, the Graham School, the Bear Run School, the Garvin School, and the Johnston School.

The Hoehn (Haine) School was located to the south of the current Haine Elementary School. It closed in 1952 and was burned down by vandals. The Graham School was a mile from Rochester Road on the east side of Graham School Road. It was converted to storage and also burned down. On its former location, there is a stone and earthen house. The Bear Run School closed in 1946, and a new home was built on its site. It was just west of Route 19 on Bear Run Road. The Garvin School closed in 1937, and the township began bussing students for the first time, transporting the former Garvin students to the Graham School. The Garvin school was just west of Franklin Road on Garvin Road. It was dismantled, and the wood was used to build a home at Callery and Franklin Roads. The foundation for the Garvin School was used for a new home on the former site of the school. The Johnston School, built in 1851, replaced a log cabin school built in 1835. It closed in 1952. It is a red brick building on Mars-Crider Road just west of Franklin Road that has been converted to a private home. The log cabin school was just to the east. Considering that schools in other areas had become much larger and were separating different grade levels, it seems amazing that three of these one-room schools were still being used in 1951.

Cranberry Waterpark

The Cranberry Waterpark includes a 17,500 square foot pool, a separate zero-depth entry pool, a 120-foot water slide, a chute through tube slide, a diving well, eight full-size swimming lanes, a spray pad zone, a water-climbing wall, a sand volleyball court, kid’s sand play area, playground, and a full-service concession area. Sun decks are also available by reservation. The waterpark is open from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It is located at 450 North Boundary Park Drive.

Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC

Armstrong Comfort Solutions & HVAC has served residents and businesses in Cranberry Township, Greater Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas for over 60 years. We provide annual checks and maintenance on your HVAC equipment. If you have your furnace and air conditioner checked annually, it can reduces the chances of needing furnace or air conditioning repair during extreme temperature periods when service calls are at a peak. However, we do provide 24/7 emergency coverage for plumbing, furnace, or air conditioning repair. We offer upfront pricing, quality repairs, and a free estimate on new installations. We are highly trusted and recommended with a licensed and insured professional staff.

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