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No matter how meticulously your HVAC system is maintained over the years, there will eventually come a time when it needs to be replaced. Your HVAC project can turn into a costly, messy, and time-consuming nightmare if not handled properly. The professionals at Armstrong Comfort Solutions, Inc. understand your need to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, as well as your expectations of improved performance for your investment. By ensuring your new system enhances your facility, meets your changing needs, and is installed properly, we prevent the possibility of repeating the process in the near future.

Let Our Experts Retrofit Your Commercial HVAC System!

While the quickest and easiest answer to retrofit projects is to exactly match the new system with the old one, that isn’t always the most beneficial choice. Your current HVAC system was likely installed 15 to 25 years ago and designed to suit the requirements and building codes at that time. Since then, the needs and operation of your facility have seen dramatic changes: Everything from improved insulation and windows, to more occupants and electronics. Each change to your facility or commercial space impacts the heating, cooling and ventilation requirements – sometimes dramatically. To enjoy the improved performance from updating your HVAC system retrofits, the modern equipment and technology with updated options must be designed to match your current needs and your facility.

When you rely on the certified specialists from Armstrong Comfort Solutions, we put our in-depth factory training, years of hands-on experience, sophisticated tools and products to work for you, taking the time and care necessary to properly service your business’ updated needs.

Why Choose a Retrofit for Your Current HVAC System?

HVAC technology has come a long way in the last fifteen years. An HVAC retrofit project is the perfect time to take advantage of improvements in efficiency, design, and many of the modern features that could potentially improve the comfort, bottom line, and usability of your commercial facility. Your commercial space is constantly evolving with your needs. Unfortunately, your HVAC system doesn’t change as easily as rearranging furnishings. That’s why flexibility is essential when it comes to your HVAC retrofit. Your comfort system needs to adapt to your changing requirements without necessitating expensive alterations. Otherwise, you’re left with the choice of living with a system that can’t keep up with your growing business, or costly HVAC changes.

Over years of constant service, the HVAC maintenance requirements of a system steadily increases, even as efficiency decreases. Too often, when systems are being considered for retrofit, maintenance costs are disregarded. While a system remains functional, you may overlook it as a candidate for an upgrade. Even if your system is managing to operate, it may not be meeting your requirements for efficiency and performance. Increasing maintenance needs and costs can be a warning sign that the end of service life is near. When you rely on an outdated system, there’s also the availability of replacement components to worry about. If components are no longer accessible from the manufacturer, or if the manufacturer has gone out of business, there is little choice but to replace the system.

For Commercial Retrofitting, Trust the Professionals at Armstrong Comfort Solutions

When it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC system, you face some important decisions. With over 60 years of industry experience, Armstrong Comfort Solutions, Inc. can assist you with the planning and retrofitting of your commercial system, making sure the specific needs of your business and building are perfectly met. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are held to exceptionally high standards of technical and product knowledge, and are specialized in the evaluation of building requirements and installation of leading-edge Carrier systems. Through various styles, sizes, configurations, and intelligent technology, we will outline and implement an HVAC system that achieves your goals for productivity, efficiency, and capacity.

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