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Over the years plumbing and HVAC standards have changed. Energy efficiency and convenience have changed the landscape for commercial properties and with it, zoning and building codes have been updated to complement the changes in technology and to prioritize safety and, in some cases, performance. While you may be “grandfathered in” on some building codes, it may be time to review your current plumbing and HVAC systems. A review of these systems, oftentimes can expose performance issues that could be costing you, your tenants or your business in higher utility bills. Typically, use of outdated methods of heating or cooling commercial spaces, poor equipment maintenance, or use of older equipment combine resulting in higher costs to run and less overall performance.

Our commercial plumbing and HVAC team consists of top rated plumbers and HVAC engineers to ensure that your business is operating optimally and with the most up-to-date equipment. Let the team at Armstrong Comfort Solutions and HVAC, Inc. review your business’ needs and provide you with a competitive quote. Our commercial plumbing and HVAC team has decades of experience in providing economical HVAC solutions to you and your business. Our team can design and build a new system or to retrofit your current system to bring it up to code or increase your system’s operating performance.

Design & Build - New HVAC System Installations

A new business or a new build out in a commercial space has multiple variables in order to ensure success for your business, your tenants, and ultimately your bottom line. New plumbing and HVAC systems play a key role in making your commercial space comfortable and energy efficient. The team at Armstrong Comfort Solutions have tackled hundreds of successful design and build jobs over the years. With over 60 years of experience in the commercial plumbing and HVAC industry, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate your current plans, recommend a new system configuration and build that system in such a way to maximize performance while, at the same time, providing comfortable temperature controlled environments.

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Retrofit Older HVAC Systems and Facilities

Do you have an existing HVAC system that may need upgrades? Are you spending more and more on your utility bills year after year? Looking for options to reduce your costs, but do not have the budget for a completely new system? Our commercial team of plumbing and HVAC engineers can assist you in retrofitting your current HVAC systems in such a way to reduce your operating costs. In some cases updated building codes may be forcing you to consider changing up your current system; In other cases, systems which have not been properly maintained over the years have suffered damage that has reduced their operating performance. In either case, a retrofit solution for your current HVAC system may be the right choice to upgrade your current commercial HVAC system and gain the performance savings without investing into a completely new HVAC system.

Our commercial team has decades of experience pinpointing the units which need to be replaced and what components can remain. Depending on your system’s configuration, a retrofit solution can save your thousands over a completely new design and build.

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At Armstrong Comfort Solutions we strive to be the best in the business. Our team of skilled, NATE certified technicians have vast knowledge and expertise in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry. We are here to help you with your plumbing and HVAC emergencies, as well as your residential or business maintenance needs.

Our technicians arrive equipped to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call 724-789-7197 and you’ll find that our certified technicians have simple, convenient, prompt, and affordable solutions to all of your plumbing and hvac problems.

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