How Important Are Energy-Efficient Systems?

How Important Are Energy-Efficient Systems?

You’ve probably heard the term energy efficiency or “green” living quite a bit these days. In Pennsylvania and around the country, people are troubled by the excessive cost of utilities. Do you truly know what it means to be energy efficient? Essentially, it means that you use less energy to accomplish the same job.

You can heat, cool, cook, and wash clothes in the same manner as you always have, but you can use fewer utilities to do so. Appliances and heating/cooling systems are now more efficient than ever before. Not only does it benefit you by bringing you lower utility bills, but it also helps our planet.

Conserving Energy and Saving Our World

We don’t often think about the air that we breathe – but we should. You may not see it, but there is a connection that comes with your energy use and the environment. When you use less power, you decrease the volume of toxins that are put into the atmosphere. Additionally, you protect the ecosystems from premature destruction. Taking steps to reduce your energy usage can help you donate your share in making our world happier and healthier.

Have you heard the term “greenhouse effect?” It’s a natural wonder that is vital for life here on earth. Power plants burn various things to produce energy. When they set fire to coal and fossil fuels, it puts emissions into the atmosphere. It’s inexpensive to create this vital utility, which is why this has become an essential part of life. However, our environment is paying the cost for our lavish lifestyles.

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, among other things, are released into the air during the process. Did you know that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is accountable for most of the air pollution? This dangerous gas absorbs the warmth from the sun and keeps heat into the atmosphere. The problem is that these power plants are trapping so much heat that it’s having a detrimental effect on our lives and our land. What does it all this extra warmth do? Well, it can cause:

• Heat Waves


•Rising Average Temperatures

•Erratic Weather Patterns

•Increased Natural Disasters


•Acid Rain

To put it into perspective, if every household in this country traded just one of the old style incandescent bulbs for an energy efficient CFL one, it would reduce the pollution in the same magnitude as taking more than 1.3 million cars from the roadways. How much higher of an impact would energy efficiency have if you did things on a larger scale?

The Biggest Energy Hog in Your Home

While light bulbs are an excellent place to start, the most significant energy hog in your home is your heating and cooling system. Thankfully, today’s houses are more energy-efficient than ever before. The average heating load is between 10,000 to 20,000 btu. More than 40 years ago, the average system was at least a 40,000 btu. The difference now is that homes are made better and well insulated. However, many people still have systems that are not efficient. It means you could save a great deal of money by upgrading, and who doesn’t want to save money?

What are SEER Ratings?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating divides energy consumption into Watt-hours. These ratings can go anywhere from 13 up to 25. It’s easier to understand by thinking of this number as the miles per gallon your automobile gets. The higher the number, the better the efficiency. Many customers shop by price, when they should be looking at the SEER rating and overall energy consumption of a unit first. True, the more efficient systems are going to cost more upfront, but the savings can more than pay for the unit in the long run.

Why Should You be Concerned?

Most households have a budget that they depend on to keep their finances on track. What happens if you get an electric bill that is way beyond your budgeted amount? Many people in Western Pennsylvania are dealing with this issue right now. With no relief in sight, people want to do anything they can to lower utility bills.

If you are concerned about saving money, you should talk to the professionals at Armstrong Comfort Solutions. We install ductless HVAC systems, as well as service and repair all units. While that 20-year-old AC system may still be kicking, how much is putting off replacement really costing you? Your energy efficiency is way lower than it could be.

Even if you don’t have a new system in the budget, a technician can give you all the facts and show you that you can save money with ductless HVAC systems. Call today to schedule an appointment to have your system evaluated. You may be surprised at how much energy you are wasting.

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